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«Baikal harbor» Special Economic Zone of tourism and vacation type

«Baikal harbor» special economic zone (SEZ) - determined by the Government of the Russian Federation as the part of the territory of the Russian Federation where entrepreneurs do their business in accordance with special regime.
The residents of tourism and vocation SEZ are entrepreneur or legal entity, except for unitary enterprise, registered according to the legislation of the Russian Federation on the territory of municipal region where the special economic zone located, and agreed with bodies of special economic zones control about the realization of activity connecting with tourism and vacation stipulated by the Federal law.
Tourism and vacation activity is the activity on construction, reconstruction, functioning of the objects of tourism industry, the objects of sanatorium treatment, medical rehabilitation and vacation of people, and also activity on the development of deposits of mineral waters, medical mud and other natural medical resources, their extraction and use, including activity on treatment, rehabilitations, organizations of vacation, industrial pouring of mineral waters.
The main restrictions in SEZ are as follows:
•   the Resident of tourism and vacation SEZ has the right to carry out only tourism and vacation activity in special economic zone.
•   for creation of tourism and vacation zone they choose the sector in Pribaikalsky district of the Republic Buryatiya.
Pribaikalsky district is located on the eastern coast of Baikal in the central part of the Republic of Buryatia. Distance from Ulan-Ude to the district centre Turuntaevo village is 52 kilometers. On the territory of the district there is a coastal line of Baikal with the length of 94 kms. The territory of the district includes a part of Ulan-Burgasy mountain ridge (the highest point is 2033 м).
While choosing the sector they took into consideration a variety of landscapes of the territory, natural and climatic conditions, availability, close location to the infrastructure, opportunity for all-weather functioning of the resort, recommendation of "ECOSIGN" company (Canada) - the world leader on designing of mountain resorts. On the territory of the Republic of Buryatiya tourism and vacation special economic zone (TV SEZ) is created. The government of the Russian Federation together with the regional power authority is planning to invest budgetary means to the creation of necessary infrastructure for the development of TV SEZ.
The location of the sector :
The sector chosen by the experts of “Ecosign” company  (Canada) adjoins to the valley of the river Haim, includes 60 kilometers of the coast of Baikal from Gremyachinsk settlement  to Katkova cape, Kotokel lake and mountain peak with the height of 1771 m. in 20 kilometers on the south from Kotokel lake. The area of the sector is 700 sq. km.
Transport infrastructure:
Ulan-Ude –Turuntaevo- Kurumkan motorway of the republican value. Road areas with the general extent of 180 kms are reconstructed (the end in 2007).
Airport: in Ulan-Ude (Baikal) - 110 kms, in Goryachinsk  - 30 kms.
Port: in Turka (reconstruction is planned).
Unique features of the sector:
Mounting skiing resort of the international class ( the share of foreign tourists not less than 20 %) will become the main sight of Baikal special economic zone. Taking into consideration that Baikal tourism and vacation special economic zone is the eastern of all won in the competition, it is considered to be the east gate of the country. The information about the unique features of the future resort place would be interesting for skiers and snow-boarders   (according to the last statistics there are about 1-1,2 million skiers and snow-boarders in the country). At the height of top of 1771 m and the height of the ground of about 500 m, vertical difference can reach 1271 m on the distance of about 9 kms at the average slope of 13 %.
The top with the height of 1771 m. is included into the hills with the ground of about 20 kilometers from the south to the north and 20 kilometers from the west to the east (about 400 square kilometers). Suitable for the construction of motorways the northern slopes have the area of about 12000 hectares that gives opportunities for construction of the mountain resort.
The potential base territory is located between the heights of 490 and 550 meters, and these flat, good watering grounds are very suitable for the construction of the resort. High-voltage electric line and Ulan-Ude-Kotokel- Baikal motorway reconstructed now pass on the distance of 405 km. from the potential sector. The potential sector of the base territory has the width of about 5 kilometers from the southwest to the northeast and the depth of about 1,5 kilometers (about 750 hectares) that is almost ideal for the functioning of the constructions in the mountains. The bottom parts of the mountain are cut up by the deep gorges of rivers and ravines. The top part of the mountain is higher than 1200 meters and up to the top of 1771 meter has a wide choice of slopes of different levels of difficulty. There is a beautiful high-mountainous Bychye lake near the top of the mountain. The place of the planned resort has a wide range of slopes of various expositions, at prevalence of the slopes focused in the direction of the northern sectors of compass that provides a high quality of snow cover for skiing and snow-board. Potential difference of heights accessible for the service of cable cars is of a great importance though it determines the length of the slopes and quantity of meters of vertical transportation (МVТ) which can be recommended to the visitors of the resort. Difference of heights is extremely important parameter and it is better when it is higher, thought for many skiers it is the parameter of resort attractiveness. Besides the interval of heights in the borders of the investigated territory determines the un-thawing of snow cover and the length of ski season. At the height of the top of 1771 meters and the height of the ground of about 500 meters, there is a potential vertical difference of 1271 meters on the distance of about 9 kilometers at the average slope of 13 %. The potential base territory is located between the heights of 490 and 550 meters.
«Baikal harbor» special economic zone (SEZ) is divided into 5 main parts: Turka, Peski, Bychya mountain, Bezymyannaya bay, Goryachinsk.
Available tourism:
• Sport and adventurous
• All-weather vacation
• Excursions
• Ecological tourism
Federal agency on SEZ control gave certificates of the residents of special economic zone of tourism and vacation type in Pribaikalsky district to three new companies - «Gold sands of Baikal» JSC,  «Traveler of Siberia» Ltd. Co,  and « Cruises of Baikal» Ltd. Co which had presented interesting infrastructural projects. These companies are ready to invest.
In 2009 RUR2 billion 650 million will be allocated to the creation of «Baikal harbor» special economic zone infrastructure. Air check point on the borderline of the Russian Federation at the international airport of Ulan-Ude has been working since April 2, 2009. The transport infrastructure is the key point of «Baikal harbour» tourism zone. The construction of Ulan-Ude - Kurumkan motorway the main transport artery of «Baikal harbor» SEZ, will be continued. "Soglasiye -Stroyinvest" Corporation is constructing the road and in 2009 will get RUR1,5 billion on its construction. The volume of investments in the tourism and vacation zone is about RUR10 billion from the federal budget. No less than RUR 35 billion are supposed to be invested in its development by individual investors. According to the experts, Buryatia will be able to receive about 2 million tourists each year. It will lead to the increase of the share of tourism in the gross republican product.