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April 18, 2016 Slum dwelling need to be changed by modern buildings without impairment of interests of citizens – said the Head of Buryatia
April 18, 2016 Slum dwelling need to be changed by modern buildings without impairment of interests of citizens – said the Head of Buryatia
04-05-16 11:05
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Slum dwelling will be changed by modern buildings. In the capital of Buryatia work is continuing on changing of the appearance of the city. The day before plans of the City Hall for the development of the built-up areas has been discussed at the meeting with the Head of the Republic. 

It was informed by Radio Russia.  

Draft of territorial zoning of the capital of Buryatia has already passed through the public hearing process, and is awaiting approval by the Counsel of Deputies of the city. The head of Architecture, Urban Development and Land Management Committee of the City Hall Aleksandr Marenich said that after making the decision the work on land lots’ cadastral registration will start. 

“We have made land lots, the whole city will be on the cadastral registration by territorial zones. Somewhere there are social and business zones, somewhere there will be residential areas. They are subdivided depending on the number of floors. Also there will be special purpose zones: cemetery, military facilities and Department of Federal Service for Corrections. Also there will be recreational areas, community and industrial” – he said. 

New objects should appear on the streets of Przhevalskogo, Babushkina, Trubacheeva, Tsivilyova, Smolina, Partisanskaya, Komsomolskaya and others. Basically, it should be presentable high-rises that will bring the appearance of the city to the European standards. Streets in the city center will be exception: maximum number of floors shall be not more than 5-7 floors there. As the Head of the Republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn noted, for acceleration of the process of transformation the city should always have in ready supply a few sites which can be offered to investors.

“The investor will choose, what is better for him. And he must have the right to choose. At each site there will be the investor, but we will have perspective that if one site is not used for two years, and we can not make use of it, so the problem is already in us, we have to do something there. And as a further measure to make the site more attractive, maybe we will have to produce an additional demolition where it is necessary. Then on budget money we produce the demolition ourselves and move on”, - said the Head of the Republic at the meeting.

Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn emphasized, if the project will be interfered with the private construction, in any case we can not infringe upon the interests of the citizens of the Republic, to drive out them by force from their houses. The authorities will be required to redeem the housing officially, and only after full settlement to start any works.

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