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In Buryatia in 2018, more than 220 million rubles were invested in landscaping
In Buryatia in 2018, more than 220 million rubles were invested in landscaping
28-11-18 14:05
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As part of the implementation of the priority project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”, 125 courtyards and 99 public territories have been landscaped in the region.

More than 220 million rubles were invested in landscaping, most of the funds - 205 million rubles - from the federal budget. Additionally, 1.594 million rubles were invested in the arrangement of urban parks. 104 settlements took part in the project, in 2017 there were only 25 of them.

New places for recreation have appeared throughout the country. In the town of Zakamensk, a pedestrian zone was built with a BookCrossing, a place for playing chess, a fountain and a children's town. In the Horinsk village, a memorial of the Heroes appeared. The inhabitants of Horinsk also took an active part in raising funds for the monument. In the capital of the republic, Karl Marx Boulevard, a favorite resting place of many citizens, has been renewed.

A mini-Arbat appeared in the village of Mukhorshibir, in the village of Ivolginsk - a new volleyball court.

From 2019, landscaping will be carried out within the framework of the national project “Housing and urban environment” and will last until 2024. For the next six years, more than 1.5 billion rubles will go to Buryatia. With these funds, it is planned to equip more than a thousand households and more than 300 public territories throughout Buryatia.

In 2019, the volume of funds from the federal budget for the formation of a comfortable urban environment will be about 300 million rubles. This is almost a third more than in 2018. All residents of Buryatia are again invited to participate in the project.

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