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The North-Baikal region now has a new 29-meter bridge
The North-Baikal region now has a new 29-meter bridge
23-08-18 16:44
Age: 335 days

Today, in the North Baikal region, a new bridge over the Duskachanka river was opened. The bridge is located at 34 km of the Severobaikalsk-Kichera-Novy Uoyan highway.

The new bridge was built to replace the old wooden one which was destroyed several years ago. The new 29 meter length concrete bridge costed 35.7 million rubles. The construction and installation work was performed from 2016 to July 2018 by the «Fundament» LLC contractor.

During the opening ceremony, Alexey Tsydenov thanked the contractors for the accelerated pace of building.

«In total, five bridges were ether built or repaired in the North-Baikal region, three of which have already been commissioned. I’ve also discussed with the local head that the North-Baikal region needs its own asphalt plant», said the Head of the Republic.

There are many bridges which were ether renovated or simply built: an Agney river bridge, a Vyushenka river bridge, a bridge across the stream located 20 km away from the Novy Uoyan settlement and a bridge across the Dushkachanka river.

It bears reminding that Alexey Tsydenov is currently on a business trip to the North Baikal region and is accompanied by the government delegation. The «BaikalNedraGeo» base and BAM builders’ alleys of Nizhneangarsk are on his visit list. Alexey Tsydenov will also hold several meetings with local heads, Nizhneangarsk’s Central District Hospital employees, the state hunting surveillance inspector and the chief inspector of the control, surveillance and fish protection of North Baikal MRO.

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