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Buryatia starts a large-scale ore production of unique potash fertilizers
Buryatia starts a large-scale ore production of unique potash fertilizers
23-08-18 16:42
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On Thursday of August 23th, Aleksey Tsydenov, the Head of Buryatia, visited the North Baikal region. The business trip brought him to the Nizhneangarsk village where «BaikalNedraGeo» LLC is currently building its operation base.

«The company starts the fertilizers production in this region. And there is a stock that will last for a century. What’s more, in terms of quality and characteristics, these fertilizers are the best in the world», says Alexey Tsydenov.

The «BaikalNedraGeo» LLC was registered in North Baikal region and by 2017 it managed to obtain a license that gave the company rights to extract and explore Kalumny’s resourses (Sinyrskoye deposit) on which it is planned to produce potash fertilizers.

For the moment, Nizhneangarsk village is constructing an administrative base and a hotel in a pollution-free area for the company's employees. Additionally, 350 square meters were reserved for a modern office building that will include utility rooms and a garage. In other words, it’ll be a well-developed infrastructure located conveniently near the airport and Baikal Lake: you visit former for work and the later for recreation purpose.

Currently, Nizhneangarsk has the construction of a basic settlement on its initial stage. Moreover, there’s a work in progress regarding a 120 km all-year-round road from New Uoyan village. Bridges across the Left and Right Mama River are also included on the list of construction projects. The investment volume approximately amounted 400 million rubles. The company has already employed 70 people.

«The facility is unique, large and in the coming years it will become one of the largest ore producing mining companies in Buryatia that specializes in potash fertilizers. Besides, these ore are geologically unique - unlike standard potash fertilizers, these fertilizers are chlorine-free», explains Dmitry Ivanov, the chief geologist of «BaikalNedraGeo» LLC.

The Head of Buryatia visited next two alleys. This year more than 1.1 million rubles was allocated in order to improve the «BAM builders’ alley» on the Stroiteley Street. Retrofit started in May and is already complete. Concrete roads, new lawn, brand new fences, benches, urns, summer houses, lighting poles, information stands, swings, carousel and sandbox are now complete.

Later, the Head of Buryatia attended the «Legends of the Northern Baikal» alley opening ceremony. More than 50 archeological landmarks were discovered in the North Baikal region and each carries traces of human activity. Those archeological landmarks include so called «stoyanka» (dwelling camps), settlements, fortifications and burial grounds. The creators of the «Legends of Northern Baikal» alley claimed no historical, archaeological or paleontological accuracy when presented images of dinosaurs and mammoth that supposedly inhabited Buryatia in the past. The exhibit is aimed at tourists, whose influx is growing with every year.

"You’ll remember mammoth’s biowaste monument for the rest of your life. Bring everyone here to watch it so no one could ever forget it", jokes Alexey Tsydenov.

The Head of the Republic also noted that this region’s way of life is changing.

«First there are new facilities, then there is a new bridge. This year we’ve already built 3 concrete bridges and five bridges are under repair, Medical and obstetric center is being build and child welfare clinic has been opened. Life is slowly going on, life is slowly changing», says the Head.

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