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Newly opened single-shift school of Severobaikalsk
Newly opened single-shift school of Severobaikalsk
24-08-18 16:37
Age: 334 days

Alexey Tsydenov visited school №3 of Severobaikalsk. The single-shift school was opened this year and is designed to provide with knowledge 275 students.

The head of Buryatia, Alexey Tsydenov, spent Friday, August 24, in a business trip to Severobaikalsk. New comprehensive school № 3 of Zarechny district was one of the first objectives in his visit list.

«First of all, I’d like offer my congratulations to all Severobaikalsk’ residents on having a new and modern school. It has one of the best dining facilities, nice gym, bright and spacious classrooms, a computer class, and a fully equipped English class. In other words, the school is provided with necessary equipment. The school itself is very beautiful, and I’m sure that it’ll prove comfortable to study in, and the students will show high academic performance», says the Head of Buryatia.

New school facility was built according to the Federal programme «2009-2018 programme of improving the viability of Housing Units, Basic Utilities and Life Support Systems in Seismic Regions of the Russian Federation».

In 2014, the non-governmental entity «Atlant» became the first school contractor. However, by 2015 the company had performed work in the value of 12 million rubles (while total construction cost was estimated in 200 million rubles) and the Government had to terminate the municipal contract. After that the state public institution «Government Administration of Major Construction of the Republic of Buryatia» became the new ordering customer. In December 2015 OJSC «Promgrazhdanstroy» signed the contract and turned into a new contractor.

In December 2017, the administration of Severobaikalsk issued an authorized permit and the building of school № 3 was brought into operation. The opening ceremony was held on April 21th, 2018.

The school facility is made up of 7 sections and has a gym, an assembly hall for 192 seats and a dining room for 138 seats. In the upcoming academic year of 2018-2019, the school will enroll 250 students. However, the school building is designed to take in up to 275 students per a shift.

«The school facility is big and kids will study in one shift. While we’re trying to solve three shifts situation in Ulan-Ude, this school will proceed as a single-shift school and extended learning activities will take place in the afternoon.  In other words, students will be provided with all-around education and extracurricular activities », says Alexey Tsydenov.


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