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The Republic of Buryatia Digital TV services has reached above 97% coverage
The Republic of Buryatia Digital TV services has reached above 97% coverage
27-08-18 16:34
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The Russian television and radio broadcasting network is switching over to digital technologies in January 2019.The network also plans to shut down analogue TV broadcasting in localities with less than 100,000 residents.

Since Buryatia has 162 localities with no terrestrial or over-the-air broadcasting, the local Government is considering how to provide disadvantaged groups with satellite TV.



The first multiplex started its broadcast in Buryatia in December 2016 airing 10 TV and 3 radio programs selected from among 200 digital TV broadcasters. The second multiplex will be aired in December 2018. Meanwhile, there are 458 localities which have terrestrial broadcasting.



«In order to connect, one have to purchase either a set-top box or a TV that can transmit DVB-T2 format», explains Aleksey Nazimov, the Acting Minister of Transport, Energy and Road maintenance development of the Republic of Buryatia.



The Ministry of Transport (Mintrans) of the Republic of Buryatia noted that premium channels


"NTV +" and "Tricolor" will broadcast the first two multiplexes for free in 162 localities of Buryatia since those localities have no access to terrestrial or over-the-air broadcasting.



«One have to purchase satellite equipment in order to receive a satellite TV signal. The government has already established following preferential prices: 4500 rubles for the equipment and 1500 rubles for the equipment installation. Currently the Administration of the Republic is considering various supporting options in order to provide the localities with satellite dishes», notes Alexey Nazimov.





The implementation of the «TV and Radio Broadcasting Development of the Russian Federation 2009-2018» federal programme is coming to an end. As a result all Russian localities will be able to get Free State TV channels for no subscription fee. In 2018 the coverage of digital TV services by population of Buryatia constituted 97, 4 %.


The Radio and Television Broadcasting Center of the Republic of Buryatia has set up an advisory support centers where you can get the information regarding the transition to digital TV. The advisory support center’s number: (3012) 58-58-09.

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