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The Government of Buryatia and LocoTech Company signed an agreement on cooperation
The Government of Buryatia and LocoTech Company signed an agreement on cooperation
26-06-18 10:03
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Today, on May 25th, the Government of the Republic of Buryatia and the Group of Companies LocoTech signed an agreement on cooperation at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The document was signed by the Head of the Republic of Buryatia Aleksey Tsydenov and Yuri Degtyarev, General Director of LocoTech. The agreement is valid for one year and stipulates cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Buryatia and LocoTech aimed at the stable social and economic development of the republic.

The purpose of the agreement is to increase investment attractiveness and improve the investment climate, socio-economic development of Buryatia, facilitate the implementation of entrepreneurial activities on the territory of the republic, the development of production and services.

In addition, the parties agreed to cooperate in ensuring stable work and attracting investments to the Ulan-Ude Locomotive Repair Plant and to promote the development of resource, material and technical and financial base in the republic.

The Head of the Republic of Buryatia Aleksey Tsydenov emphasized that the Ulan-Ude LRP is an example of a socially responsible enterprise, and that the plant makes a significant contribution to the expansion of the republic’s investment attractiveness.

“We want to thank the company for responsible attitude and cooperation. The agreement provides for cooperation in general in the production and social spheres. In addition, Zheldorremmash supports the suggestion to assist in the development of sports in the republic, as well as to attract young minds, students with promising projects and ideasto the UULRP”, - Aleksey Tsydenov said.

Yuri Degtyarev, General Director of LokoTech, noted that the signing of the agreement on cooperation between the LokoTech Group of Companies and the Government of the Republic of Buryatia is an important step for the development of bilateral relations. The plant is of key importance for the development of the republic. The enterprise is the largest taxpayer and has a strong social base.

Implementation of projects aimed at improving the environmental situation in the republic is among the clauses of the agreement.

According to Yuri Degtyarev, “the company will pay the utmost attention to environmental issues, we jointly developed and approved a schedule of measures to eliminate the storage of phenolic wastes, and there is no doubt that this schedule will certainly be carried out”.

The Head of the republic noted that this year the work began on the selection of the technology of utilization of the storage of phenolic waste. Variantsare currently being worked out for recycling based on Japanese and Russian technologies.

The Ulan-Ude Locomotive Repair Plant has leading positions among locomotive repair plants of LocoTech. This is one of the largest industrial enterprises of the republic. It carries out average and major repairs of locomotives, warranty service and modernization of locomotives with prolongation of service life, repair of units and assemblies, production of spare parts, development of new repair technologies.

The enterprise carries out repair of railway rolling stock and manufacture of spare parts. The plant geographicallyprovides maintenance from the North to the Far Eastern Railways. The produced spare parts are also exported to the CIS countries and Mongolia.

In 2017, the plant produced a record section of 871 locomotives, and in 2018 plans to put a new historic maximumof 900 sections.

The investment program of the UULRP was approved in the amount of 932.716 million rubles with the implementation period 2018-2020. Funding for 2018 is planned for the amount of 469.683 million rubles.

The implementation of this large investment program allows retrofitting and modernizing the plant’s production facilities which will lead to an improvement in the repair work quality. This will contribute to the development of the locomotive repair facility and will have a positive impact on the state of the traction rolling stock of Russian railways.

In addition, the equipment upgrade will help to improve the production performance of the enterprise by improving working conditions.

Ulan-Ude LRP in 2017 paid taxes to the budget of the Russian Federation for the amount of 445.9 million rubles. (443.9 million rublesto the budget of the Republic of Buryatia). In 2018, it is planned to pay 501.2 million rubles.

Ulan-Ude LRP is one of thelargest employers in the republic; about 6,000 thousand people are employedwith the plant. The average salary at the enterprise in 2017 was 39.4 thousand rubles (+ 15.6% by 2016).

LokoTech LLC manages assets that provide maintenance, repair, modernization and leasing of locomotives, production of units and parts for railway machinery enterprises. The group of managed assets includes LokoTech-Service LLC, Zheldorremmash JSC, LokoTech-Leasing LLC, LokoTech Trade House LLC, LokoTech-Promservice LLC and other.10 locomotive repair plants and about 90 service depots throughout Russia compose the production base.

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