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The holiday of koumiss "Tsegee Zugaa" will take place on August 23 in Selenginskiy district
The holiday of koumiss "Tsegee Zugaa" will take place on August 23 in Selenginskiy district
22-08-17 13:25
Age: 1 year

For the first time in the Republic of Buryatia on August 23 a unique holiday "Tsegee Zugaa" will take place in the Noehon settlement of the Selengiskiy district. The holiday is devoted to koumiss, a sanative drink from mare's milk.

On the fertile soil of Noehon a farmer Zorigto Tsyrendondopov orgonized the production of a sanative drink from mare's milk. Within the framework of the holiday, a presentation of a farm and a workshop for the production of koumiss, a tasting and sale of a sanative drink will be held for all guests. This day one more event will be held. The first youth agroforum of the Selengiskiy district will take place on the Hilok river bank and will last for two days.

Those, who would like to visit the festival, will be able to taste the "Selenga koumiss" and buy the "abundance of <st1:place w:st="on">Selenga</st1:place>" - the products of the Selenginskiy district agricultural producers exhibition.

Alexey Tsydenov, acting in lieu of the Head of Buryatia, is planning to visit the event during his working trip to the Selenginskiy district.


Koumiss is also known as the "Drink of the Millennium". It is a good for health sour-milk product from mare's milk, containing a large number of vitamins and trace elements. Healthful properties of koumiss have been known for a long time. Currently, the koumiss treatment is actively used in Buryatia.

"Koumiss therapy is widely used for tuberculosis treatment, thus the launch of the drink production will allow Buryatia, which now takes the second place in the incidence of tuberculosis in Russia, to be withdrawn from the category of increased risk" Sayzhina Nikolaeva, deputy chief doctor of the State Clinical Hospital "Republican Clinical Antituberculosis Dispensary", said.

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