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In Buryatia the IV Republican forum "Women of Buryatia" was held
In Buryatia the IV Republican forum "Women of Buryatia" was held
18-08-17 11:40
Age: 2 yrs

The Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater hosted the plenary session of the IV Republican Women's Forum of Buryatia, timed to the 10th anniversary of the regional public organization "Women of Buryatia". The event was visited by Aleksey Tsydenov, acting in lieu of the Head of Buryatia.

The theater gathered in its hall more than 700 participants of the forum from 21 regions of the republic and the city of Ulan-Ude. The plenary session was also attended by deputies of the State Duma and the People's Khural, representatives of ministries and departments, public organizations from other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

"The organization has two thousand participants and more than five thousand supporters. "Women of Buryatia" showed that they can, want and do everything to make life in our republic better. This social movement raises acute questions concerning education and social development. Of course, such attraction of attention and forces to sore points contributes to the development of the republic", Alexey Tsydenov said.

The Forum was preceded by discussions within the framework of round tables and discussion areas on the directions: "Education of the younger generation", "Support of women's entrepreneurship", "Women's health and promotion of a healthy lifestyle", "Non-profit public organizations".

Anna Skosyrskaya, Chairperson of the regional public organization "Women of Buryatia", reported on the activities of the organization and local branches for 10 years and the tasks facing the women's councils for the forthcoming period.

Anna Skosyrskaya noted that the organization "Women of Buryatia" pays attention not only to the role of women in the family and the upbringing of children, but also to the increasing role of fathers. She proposed the creation of a Council of Fathers.

"In 2011, a resolution was adopted in which we asked the highest official of the Republic of Buryatia with a proposal to create an advisory board of fathers under the president of Buryatia. Unfortunately, such an association has not been created, but we hope that the attitude to the organization will change. Today we reintroduced the initiative on the creation of the Council of Fathers in the resolution", the chairperson of the organization said.

Aleksey Tsydenov, acting in lieu of the Head of Buryatia, supported the initiative of "Women of Buryatia".

"The Council will be created and I will be its first participant," said Alexey Tsydenov.

Also Alexey Tsydenov said that the final resolution of the Forum will be considered by the Government of Buryatia.

At the end of the plenary session, it was the awarding with certificates of honor and recognition letters of active members of the organization "Women of Buryatia", which made the greatest contribution to the development of moral and patriotic education of youth, women entrepreneurship, popularizing of a healthy lifestyle in Buryatia.

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