National Khural

The Republic of Buryatia is a part of the Russian Federation. Now the republic is in a way of democratic transformations and economic reforms. In the republic the necessary market infrastructure successfully develops including in bank and financial-credit spheres . The republic of Buryatia has a high resource potential. Natural resources of Buryatia are unique both on reserves and on their variety. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of many deposits allow to carry out their industrial extraction. On the territory of the republic more than 500 deposits of minerals have been found. Among them auric deposits, fluor spar, molybdenum, polymetals, tungsten, �������� and others. Cheremshanskoye deposit of quartz sandstones of more than 40 million tons of reserves, and also 7 deposits granulated quartz were explored. The investment potential of Buryatia is wide enough and perspective both for long-term, and for short-term investment projects. Today capital investments in the following fields are possible: � Timber: manufacture of home and office furniture, manufacture of building materials, cellulose, cardboard, paper. � Exploitation of mineral deposits, hand-made and jeweler stones. � Electric power industry, manufacture of the electro technical goods, motors, engines, helicopters, planes, agricultural machines, assembly of automobiles, television and video equipments, automobile radio, faxes. � Tourism. � Manufacture of clothes, including fur (sable, mink and other furs), knitted products, bags, footwear, perfume, cosmetics. � Hotels, resorts, camping, souvenir shops, fast food restaurants, casino, business centers. � Agricultural production and factories on manufacture of food stuffs, factories on manufacture of plastic container and bottled Baikal water. � Shopping centers, supermarkets. In the republic the biggest lake in the world with world reserves of fresh water, unique flora and fauna - lake Baikal which is recognized as a part of the world heritage is located. It represents interest in the field of the organization of the international tourism (ecotourism, organization of business tours). According to expert estimations the Republic of Buryatia is included into the twenty of the regions having the highest resource potential, and in the five of the best regions having a favorable legislative background for foreign investments. Buryatia has a high rating in Russia on mental potential in gradation of investment appeal of regions of the Russian Federation. Realization of the investment policy of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia directed on increase of competitiveness of the republic in the field of investment activity is carried out both due to direct participation in investments, and due to creation of the conditions stimulating investment activity in the region. So with the purpose of creation of a favorable investment climate for foreign investors the Government of the republic passed the Law of the Republic of Buryatia dated June 20, 1996 #327-1 �About stimulation of attraction of foreign investments in the economy of the Republic of Buryatia�. A scope of the Law - the enterprises with the foreign investments, carrying out production (works, services) with the paid share of foreign investments in fixed capital not less than 30 percents. Enterprises and organizations with foreign investments registered in the republic become free of tax payment coming in the republican budget up to be all even with, but no more than pay term of discharge. Free means should go on the development of manufacture. Also in the republic a number of normative-legal documents regarding regulation of the state support of investment activity were passed, time-limit of regulation of investment activity and the procedure of presenting of tax privileges for the organizations realizing investment projects on the territory of the Republic of Buryatia were determined.

Investment projects
The government of the Republic of Buryatia held the republican competition on selection of investment projects. According to its results more, than 40 projects on rendering of the state support in 2004 were selected .
As a result of realization of the most significant investment projects, which are carried out with the state support, modernization of manufactures will be realized, modern technologies promoting release of competitive production are introduced.
The most attractive investment projects in branches are:
� mineral-raw complex: projects � Quartz of Buryatia � of �Chulbonsky ore dressing combine�CO.,Ltd., and �Exploring and extraction of fluor spar on the Osennydeposit� of "Crystal "CO.,Ltd.;
� fuel and energy complex: projects of building of small hydroelectric power stations in Barguzinsky region, restoration of Togoisky hydroelectric power station in Dzhidinsky region, �Gasifications of motor transport� of "Buryatgas" Open Joint stock company.
� tourism-recreational complex: projects directed on the development of infrastructure and tourism services on Baikal coast, in particular �Construction of the Centre for Olympic preparation� of �Univer-Baikal "Open Joint stock company.
� building complex: projects directed on �the development of the system of housing hypothec crediting " of "Hypothec corporation of the Republic of Buryatia" Open Joint stock company, "Constructions of microdistrict "Ecocity" with the use of ecological and energy saving technologies and materials� of "Zhasso"CO., Ltd, �Organization of frame wooden housing construction on the basis of �Novaya Bryanselmash"Open Joint Stock company,"Manufacture of painted ������������� front tile" of "Timlyusky factory"Open Joint stock company,"Construction of brick-works� individual businessman I.A.Mel'nik , �Manufacture of dry building mixes� of "PK Bajkalit "CO.,Ltd.
� agriculture: projects of the enterprises of small and average business directed on the organization of breeding farms, integrated complex on processing of agricultural production and development of subsidiary holdings, processing and release of non-polluting production of agriculture, ���������;
� transport: projects of reconstruction of motorways, �Increase of volumes of cargo and passenger transportations in Kabansky region� of "Selenginskoye APK"CO.,LTD;
� wood complex: �Inculcation of ecologically safe technologies of timber cuttings � of �Baikal wood company�Open joint stock company, projects of the development of timber manufactures and others.

You may get acquaintance with investment projects on the site of the Ministry of economic development of the Republic of Buryatia or to address in Official institution �Joint management of programs�, Elena Pavlovna Lavova is an executive director , phone (301-2) 21-70-06, 22-05-73.