National Khural
6 priority directions of the development of the economy of Buryatia

The government of Buryatia has defined six priority directions of the program of social and economic development of the Republic of Buryatia:
• natural resources mining;
• agriculture;
• timber industry complex;
• tourism;
• small business and large-scale industry;
• transport-logistic complex.

Natural resources mining 
In the sphere of mining of minerals the Government of the Republic should solve 3 primary tasks. The first of them is to bring the work of mineral resources users to conformity with conditions of license agreements. The second problem is creation of conditions for development and exploration of new deposits. As well as geological prospecting works, auctions and tenders on deposits sale, the construction of infrastructure on the basis of the private and state partnership. The third purpose is the realization of those projects which have been declared in the program of social and economic development of the Republic of Buryatia. It is necessary to finish the construction of Ozyerny mining complex and to start polymetals development- to reach planned production extraction capacity - 1 million tons of ore per one year. In 2011 Siberian coal power company  should start development of Nikolsky coal deposit. In 2009-2011 "Atomredmetzoloto " JSC should reach capacities on extraction on the base of Chiagda uranium deposit and Ermakovsky beryllium deposits. In the south of the republic, in Zakamensk  district, it is necessary to master deposits of tungsten and molybdenum. For these three years it is necessary to prepare deposits of pure quartz and greenstones, Orekitkansk molybdenum deposit in Bauntovsky district, Zharchihinsk molybdenum deposit in Tarbagataysky district,  Nazarovsk gold sulfite deposit in Eravninsky district,  Oshurkovsky  deposit of apatite for the development.

The agriculture complex of the Republic of Buryatiya is one of the main and socially significant sectors of the economy.  95 % districts of the republic are agrarian, and the economy of 67 % districts is agrarian. By 2011 the volume of agricultural production should increase up to 3 billion roubles, labor productivity on 36,4 %, profitability on 5 %. The organization of large hi-tech agroindustrial vertically integrated holdings should become the basis for the development of agriculture. The agricultural producers should be supported by manufacturers of end production focused on the development of an own procuring raw-material base in the districts of the republic. It is necessary to allot budgetary funds not for the covering of losses, but for the development, such financial means should be of special-purpose and be allotted for concrete business - projects directed on increase of release and realization of agricultural production and import substitution.

Timber industry complex
To avoid economic recession in this branch, it is necessary to realize large investment projects in the Republic, which will permit to keep the saved up potential and to begin serious development in the long term. We talk about such projects as the modernization of Selenginsk paper pulp-cardboard combine, expansion of "Baikal wood company” production, creation of manufacture on complex wood processing at "Baikal - Nordik" Russian - Swedish joint venture, construction of processing complex in Taksimo. The total sum of investments in the field of woods development is more than 5 billion roubles. The Government of the Republic of Buryatia should allot 2 billion roubles from the investment fund for construction of wood-transport roads and due to this to enlarge cutting drift from 3 million up to 6,5 million cubic meters.

In 2009 in the sphere of tourism the government outlines to finish the territorial planning elaboration of the coast of Baikal and to found the general concept of tourism development, using the general infrastructure: road along Baikal, electric power line - 220,  rubbish grader  and  recycling plants, local airports and water ports. The main purpose of this development strategy to make this infrastructure cost-effective. By 2011 the number of tourist arrivals should be 642 thousand person. As a result 4590 additional workplaces will be provided, and the volume of paid services coming from tourism in 2009-2011 will be 6,5 billion roubles.

Small business and large-scale industry
By 2011 the number of workers in small business should increase from 34 thousand up to 42 thousand. The share of production made by small enterprises, in total amount of gross regional growth should increase from 5,9% up to 8 %. For achievement of these purposes, it is necessary to create the infrastructure - to open the centers of business support, to render the effective state help for developing and beginning business. The sum of means allotted by the republican and federal budgets, should annually grow and by 2011 should become not less than 220 million roubles. For easing of administrative pressure upon business, checking at the enterprises should be reduced and ordered at toughening regulation of these chekings. The number of cheking bodies will be reduced. The reduction of number of agreements at registration planning of land use and reception of sanctions for construction and re-planning of premises, connection to municipal networks will become effective. In large-scale industry the volume of the shipped goods, works and services for three years should increase one and a half times more and to make 92 billion roubles, labor productivity on 50 %, profit three times more, the average salary high twice.

Transport and logistic complex
One more of the directions of the future development of the Republic of Buryatia is the creation of transport and logistical complex. At present the most perspective projects of transport and logistic system have been determined. One of them is the creation of the international multimodal transport and logistic complex in Ulan-Ude. This complex will mainly serve export-import and transit freight traffics moving by Transsib, and also by perspective «Ulan-Ude -  Naushki - Ulan Bator - Bejing» international transport corridor by rail and «Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta - Ulan Bator - Bejing» by auto road. The additional objects of Ulan-Ude complex will become contrailer platform in Naushki where railway cargoes will put in lorries, and distributive centre in Kyakhta where large parties of the goods will be packaged in smaller parties. One more logistic terminal will be constructed on crossing of two federal highways (Ulan-Ude - Chita and Ulan-Ude – Kyakhta), another one - the customs terminal and consolidating centre on cargoes and containers processing in Tal'tsy railway station. The terminal centre will be located at "Baikal" international airport.