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Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn: We have a clear-cut idea of how to settle a query with places in nursery school by the end of the year Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

Despite the decision to postpone the construction of new kindergartens made by government of Buryatia early in the year, the Head of Republic underlined that all preschool education obligations would be performed.

23.09.15. "Those kindergartens which have already begun to be


29-09-15 13:01
The Head of Buryatia obtained support of the Russian Government in celebration of Ulan-Ude 350th anniversary, building the school № 2 and in other questions. Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

Besides, Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn gave careful consideration to the prospects of Ulan-Ude Instrument-Building Corporation. 

23.09.15. The Head of Republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn accomplished work in Moscow, where a number of meetings with heads of ministries and departments and t


29-09-15 13:00
Buryatia is preparing for the World Population Census Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

In 2015 the United Nations announced the start of the round of population censuses of 2020, during which (from 2015 to 2024) each country in the world should carry out at least one census. At the end of each round of population censuses UN sums up the World Census returns.



29-09-15 12:59
The Head of Buryatia visited the residential care facilities for elderly people and people with disabilities in the Barguzinsky and Kurumkansky districts Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn formed an estimate of housing conditions and had a talk with residents.

23.09.15. During his working trip to Kurumkansky district, the Head of Republic visited the nursing home of Kurumkan for old and disabled people. There he did an exhibition of arts and cr


29-09-15 12:59
The initiative "Live, forest!" will be held on 25th September in Buryatia Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

This year, the main events will be held in Zaudinsky forestry of Tarbagataysky district (13 km of Distilling Plant tract). Pine seedlings will be plant out in the area of 20 hectares (the former fire location).

23.09.15. This initiative is held in all regions of Russia for the fou


29-09-15 12:58
Buryatia is among the regions with the greatest decrease in the number of unemployed in a week Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

Russian Ministry of Labor continues weekly monitoring of the situation on the labor market in the context of the subjects of the Russian Federation. According to the Ministry the number of unemployed people has decreased within a week in the 73 territories of RF. The Republic of Buryatia is i


29-09-15 12:57
Explanatory seminars for public are given by the Major Repair Fund of Buryatia Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 4 yrs

One of such seminars for owners of premises in block of flats was recently held in the administration building of the Oktyabrsky district of Ulan-Ude. It was attended by representatives of the district administration and the Municipal Service Committee of the administration of Ulan-Ude, by sp


29-09-15 12:56