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Buryatia is among the regions with the greatest decrease in the number of unemployed in a week Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 3 yrs

Russian Ministry of Labor continues weekly monitoring of the situation on the labor market in the context of the subjects of the Russian Federation. According to the Ministry the number of unemployed people has decreased within a week in the 73 territories of RF. The Republic of Buryatia is i


29-09-15 12:57
Explanatory seminars for public are given by the Major Repair Fund of Buryatia Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 3 yrs

One of such seminars for owners of premises in block of flats was recently held in the administration building of the Oktyabrsky district of Ulan-Ude. It was attended by representatives of the district administration and the Municipal Service Committee of the administration of Ulan-Ude, by sp


29-09-15 12:56
Measures aimed at fighting peat fires are still taken in Burytia Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 3 yrs

The meeting of public members with Nikolay Zubarev, Deputy PM for Infrastructure, and Irina Smolyak, the Chairman of information-analytical committee of the Government of RB, was held on 22 September 2015. The parties discussed issues of cooperation in extinguishing peat fires in Kabansky dis


29-09-15 12:55
Employment Service held two job fairs in the capital of Buryatia Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 3 yrs

In the job fair for selection candidates to trade enterprises 6 employers participated: IP (self-employed entrepreneur) Shagdarova I.V., IP Khomyakov V.V., OOO Trading House "Nadezhda", IP Urbaeva M.S., OOO “Novy Uroven”, OOO “Slavia Tekh”.

23.09.15. Selection was carrie


29-09-15 12:55
Radio quiz program about the Great Patriotic War and the soldiers-defenders starts in Buryatia Radio of Buryatia opens a new season of the quiz for schoolchildren "Immortal Regiment. We remember". Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 3 yrs

The Program is prepared for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Questions about the main battles of 1941-1945 and the soldiers defended the homeland, about selfless labour in the rear and the heroes of Buryatia will be answered live.  

22.09.15. Quiz program aims to ar


29-09-15 12:54
The head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn discussed the prospects of areas development with the residents of the Barguzinskaya Valley Tuesday 29. of September 2015 Age: 3 yrs

A trip to Kurumkansky District started with visiting the rural settlement Baraghan and its playground, erected under the federal program of RF Ministry of Agriculture.

22.09.15. For the anniversary of Victory the local memorial with names of heroes and war veterans of this settlem


29-09-15 12:53
The Head of Buryatia and director of а division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) have signed a memorandum of cooperation Wednesday 26. of August 2015 Age: 3 yrs

The cooperation concerns deep processing of solid municipal waste (SMW) in the territory of the Baikal region. The Japanese side, jointly with Metropol Company and a government company Atomenergomash, is planning to build a plant for recycling and disposal of SMW in Buryatia. 


26-08-15 17:56