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In Buryatia was sent additional forces of the Federal Reserve of Avialesookhrana Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

In Buryatia is built up forest protection group to fight forest wildfires. In the near future it is expected the arrival of the smoke jumpers Privolzhskaya Parachute Group ofFederal Reserve FSFI "Avialesookhrana". "Forest Goats" is directed from the Amur region, which was also involved in the liquid...


21-06-16 14:48
In Buryatia was started touring of the St. Petersburg Theatre “Masterskaya” Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

As a part of the "Big tour" came to Buryatia Theatre "Masterskaya" of Kozlov. Yesterday at the scene of Russian Drama Theatre named after Bestuzhev has already taken place performance of "Two nights in a fun house," based on the play "The Pit" by Alexander Kuprin.


21-06-16 14:44
Ludub Ochirov received the International Prize "Golden Ball" Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

Awarding ceremony of talented children and their performances were held on June 1 in the State Duma


06.02.16 Special prizes awarded 13 young talented children from 13 regions of Russia. Among them, a singer and composer from Buryatia Ludub Ochirov. He received a Diplomas of Foundation "Reviv...


21-06-16 14:43
"Air traffic in any case will not be closed" - head of Buryatia in the North-Baikalsky district. Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

One of the issues that most concern to residents of the North-Baikalsky district, was the fate of flights from Ulan-Ude in Nizhneangarsk (also raised the issue of air communication with the village Taksimo, Muysky district). As head of the republic stated at the meeting with health workers in Severo...


21-06-16 14:42
"Altargana 2016" gathers a group of volunteers Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

It was started the recruitment of volunteers for the International Festival of Buryat "Altargana", which will be held on July 1-3 in the capital of Buryatia.

06/01/16 "To become part of the volunteer team of the festival can be anyone. Volunteer "Altargana-2016" should know...


21-06-16 14:39
The head of Buryatia continues working in Severobaikalsk Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

Head of the republic Vyacheslav Nagovicyn this morning visited locomotive depot, where he met with the veterans and workers of the railway industry


21-06-16 14:38
In Buryatia are held festive events dedicated to International Children's Day Tuesday 21. of June 2016 Age: 3 yrs

Today, the capital of Buryatia and districts are held childhood celebrations, various competitions, relay races, concerts. Festive marathon will continue over the weekend.


21-06-16 14:36