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April 15, 2016. Vyacheslav Nagovicyn: Even in times of crisis we need a strategic plan Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 2 yrs

According to experts, it will make possible to concentrate all resources on solving specific challenges posed by the common mission.

Now the development of the strategy “Buryatia-2030” is at the stage of conceptualization. The creative group leader, Doc...


04-05-16 10:53
Farmers of Buryatia will receive more than 223 million rubles for the spring field work Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 2 yrs

April 14, 16. 

For these purposes the republic budget will allocate 60.87 million rubles, the federal budget - 162 38...


04-05-16 10:49
All public organizations in Buryatia may nominate candidates to the second term Public Chamber. Monday 21. of March 2016 Age: 2 yrs

It will include 42 Buryatia residents, over 18 years, residing on the territory of the republic. 21 chairs will be offered to the public organizationmembers. The other candidates will be elected or appointed equally, 7 persons by theHead of Buryatia, People’s Khural and the Council of municipal form...


21-03-16 12:27
Wrestling tournament for the prizes of the Head of Buryatia taking place on March 12 Monday 21. of March 2016 Age: 2 yrs

This traditional international tournament has been held already 21 times. This year it will gather more than 100 athletes.


21-03-16 12:26
Two innovative projects in Buryatia will receive funds from the federal budget Monday 21. of March 2016 Age: 2 yrs

The press service of the Buryatia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry reports:

Supportfor innovations will be provided on the basis of “Youth innovative creativitycenter YICC”, “Start”competitions results, conducted by the Assistance Foundation to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and ...


21-03-16 12:26
Number of infringements in the construction of capital facilities decreased in Buryatia Monday 21. of March 2016 Age: 2 yrs

According to the Republican state agency of building and housing supervision,in 2015 there was 18.6% violations decreasein comparison to 2014.


21-03-16 12:25
Buryatia’s Head discussed electricity ratesequalization and other issues with the Russian President Monday 21. of March 2016 Age: 2 yrs

Russian President and Head of Buryatia discussed social and economic situation in the Buryat region.


21-03-16 12:24