National Khural
"TUTOR" FROM CANADA Wednesday 04. of February 2004 Age: 15 yrs

I.A.Igoshev- Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the graduate of Nizhnetorei school- now lives in Canada.

Probably due to patriotic feelings he is ready to be a tutor for pupils of native Dzhidinsky region. But he has one conditions - the region should pay for the air ticket from Can...


04-02-04 09:39
BAIKAL WILL BE DIVIDED INTO ZONES Tuesday 03. of February 2004 Age: 15 yrs

In February, 2004 the Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Nature Resources of the Russian Federation should offer the project of the division of Baikal territory into zones to the Government . This document was discussed on January 22 on the council of Baikal at the Siberian branch of th...


03-02-04 16:23
" BAIKAL "and "BADMA SESEG " HAVE JOINED Tuesday 03. of February 2004 Age: 15 yrs

The state institution "State theatre of songs and dance "Baikal" has joined with "Buryat state theatre of dance "Badma Seseg" by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia. Now it is one creative group.

Since now two famous theatres will have one name - "Baikal" Buryat state natio...


03-02-04 16:19
BURYAT HELICOPTERS FOR LATVIA Monday 02. of February 2004 Age: 15 yrs

Two Russian helicopters bought in the last year will be received by Latvian army .

One of them will be received by Latvian pilots at the end of January, the second - at the end of March or at the beginning of April.

"Ulan-Ude aviation plant" won the compitition on the right to deliver two MI-8 a...


02-02-04 16:21
Messages from republican regions THERE ARE GYMNASIUN STUDENTS In MOUNTAINIOUS OKA. Friday 30. of January 2004 Age: 15 yrs

A significant event -the presentation of a biological-chemical class- was held in Orlik secondary school.

The leaders of the program Bayarma Bulaevna Zvereva and Alik Pronteev, the pupil of 10 "g" class presented the honor guests Vera Innokentievna Asalkhanova, the candidate of pedagogical scien...


30-01-04 15:15
The announcement the SEMINAR ON the HISTORY and CULTURE of OLD BELIEVERS. Sunday 25. of January 2004 Age: 15 yrs

The committee on affairs of nationalities and public relations, religious associations of the President Administration and the Government of the Republic of Buryatia informs that on January 28 till January 29, 2004 the republican seminar on the history and culture of old believers of Zabaikalye...


25-01-04 15:13
Competition WOMAN DIRECTOR of YEAR 2003 Saturday 24. of January 2004 Age: 15 yrs

That was the name of republican competition organized by the Committee on support and development of small business of the Ministry of economic development and foreign relations of the Republic of Buryatia. Its` results were brought last week.

The winners of this competition are: in nomination ...


24-01-04 15:12