National Khural
Head of Buryatia will attend the announcement of the message of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

Delegation of Buryatia in the composition of the Head of the republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn, Chairman of People's Khural of republic of Buryatia Tsyren-Dashi Dorzhiev and Chairman of the Public Chamber Bair Balzhirov today will take part in the ceremony of announcement of the message of the Russian ...


19-12-16 12:46
Anniversaries Russian military history Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

To study the military-historical past of Russia and its attempts to counteract the distortion of education of patriotism and raise the prestige of military service continue to acquaint residents of Buryatia with memorable dates of Russian military history.


19-12-16 12:45
In Buryatia industrial park invites residents Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

The country announced the competitive selection of the residents of the industrial park. They will be given a preferential rent of real estate objects in the industrial park area of 8.5 thousand sq. m, as well as engineering, legal, consulting and marketing services.


19-12-16 12:45
How to allocate hunting grounds in Buryatia Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

29 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs have secured areas for game management.


Another 57 areas are provided on the basis of outfitter agreements. Of these 3 areas of hunting grounds in the conduct of budget institutions "Burpriroda" and the Baikal nature reserve.


16 sites re...


19-12-16 12:36
In Buryatia more than 10 million acres of public hunting grounds Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

In these areas, every citizen of the republic, who have a hunting permit can freely engage in hunting.


19-12-16 12:34
Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant has received orders for thirteen Mi-8AMT for 2017 Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" entered into an agreement with the state transport leasing company for the supply of helicopters party. 13 medium multi-role Mi-machines 8AMT manufacture Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, which is part of the holding.


19-12-16 12:33
Children and teens of Buryatia Internet resources can participate in the all-Russian contest "Setevichok Monday 19. of December 2016 Age: 3 yrs

"In order to protect the child from the poor, we should be interested in a good" this motto from October,1 to December,15 2016, Russia held a competition of information content for children, adolescents and young adults.


19-12-16 12:32